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Transaction Management

Most vendors rely almost exclusively on the information being provided to them from the appointed selling agent which can leave some vendors vulnerable. Our role as Transaction Manager is to provide a layer of independence and guidance to the client who may be confronted with difficult decisions during a sale campaign.

As Transaction Manager we coordinate the sale process from start to finish. We assist clients with the appointment of the selling agent, oversee marketing strategy and budget, facilitate property due diligence, structure sales strategy, analyse offers, profile buyers and remain hands on until settlement.

Client’s benefit from our market intelligence, strategic thinking and strong transactional experience. Our service is complementary to the role of the selling agent and we work collaboratively with them. When engaged, vendors will be assured of a process that is clear and transparent, fully coordinated and with reduced risk.

Our Transaction Management service is offered nationally to a range of clients across many industries. Our process is always thoughtfully curated with our client to allow the property transaction to align with the vendor objective.

Our Transaction Management service covers all industry sectors and client types:


  • Commercial Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Residential


  • Private & Public Sector
  • Offshore Vendors
  • Government Bodies
  • Membership based Vendors
  • 'Not for Profit' Sector
  • Educational Sector

As ‘Transaction Manager’ some key deliverables include:

  • Development of robust business case. This ‘blueprint’ document is workshopped with the client to comprehend project goals, project risks and divestment strategy.
  • Delivery of business case to client (and to client board or members where appropriate).
  • ‘Highest and Best’ use analysis is completed to identify opportunities to unlock hidden asset value.
  • Coordinate selection of selling agent. This includes formal interview process and negotiation of agency authority.
  • Provide advice on method of sale to optimise value and reduce risk.
  • Provide guidance on marketing requirements and associated costs.
  • Arrange due diligence material for sale, including commissioning reports required by third party consultants if required (i.e planning, heritage, environmental etc).
  • Set sales strategy with vendor and agent.
  • Act as main point of contact between the vendor and agent during the campaign.
  • Independently analyse bids / offers with vendor and agent. Our extensive valuation experience is a key point of difference at this important stage.
  • Carefully guide the vendor through the closing sale negotiations.
  • Assist appointed legal advisor with the Contract of Sale negotiation.
  • Monitor settlement process to navigate any unexpected risks.
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