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Property Valuations

JACX Property provide efficient and expert property valuations for commercial, industrial and residential property.

Our team includes highly experienced Certified Practicing Valuers with over 75 years of combined experience. We undertake valuation assignments for a range of purposes and overlap our valuation skills in other services we provide.

In the last decade, JACX Property team members have provided in excess of $5 Billion of strategic valuation advice across Australia.

At JACX Property we provide valuations for the following purposes:

  • Pre-Purchase valuation advice.
  • Market rental valuations.
  • Rental submissions to determining valuers.
  • Valuations for GST.
  • Valuations for Stamp Duty.
  • Valuations for Superannuation purposes.
  • Valuations for Capital Gains Tax purposes.
  • Independent Valuation Reviews.
  • Expert Rental Determinations.
  • Valuations for accounting & asset purposes.
  • Property valuations to assist with property divestment.
  • Highest and Best Use valuation analysis.

We have valuation experience in the following key market sectors:

  • Commercial office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Residential
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