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Tenant Representation

Whether your business is expanding, downsizing, consolidating, relocating or renewing a lease, the team at JACX Property will tailor a solution for you.

We are experts in the field of Tenant Representation, our experience extends across Australia and covers the commercial, industrial and retail sectors.

We deliver maximum savings to our clients by providing a structured and transparent procurement process. Clients benefit from our market intelligence, expert negotiation skills and strategic thinking.

An important feature of our business is our independence. Unlike many of our competitors we do not form part of a real estate agency and do not offer leasing and management functions. This ensures our clients are provided with uninterrupted access to every accommodation option without a conflict of interest.

Our professional advisors are Certified Practicing Valuers which is our competitive advantage in the marketplace and validates the advice we provide.

Services offered by our Tenant Representation division include:

  • ‘Stay’ versus ‘Go’ analysis to help clients determine the benefits of renewing a lease or relocating to a new site.
  • Space planning assessments to identify the needs of a new site.
  • Market searching to ensure clients can consider / compare all available options.
  • Expert negotiation and strategy skills to ensure best commercial outcome for clients.
  • Detailed financial modelling to assist with decision making.
  • Preparation of board reports and presenting to Boards (steering committee) when appropriate.
  • Lease exit strategies which may include lease surrender negotiations, lease assignment or subleasing.
  • Mid term or end of term lease restructuring.
  • Audit of outgoings.
  • Make Good negotiations.
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